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is What We Do

As an established, elite security company, we are well positioned to deliver the necessary security services for your operations.

At Solexiom Elite Security, we have years of experience in this area, and can create an exhaustive prevention plan to help reduce your costs, prevent loss and internal fraud, as well as improve your inventory management.

A comprehensive security audit by our certified consultants and experienced inspectors can make all the difference. We have the expertise to help you identify gaps in your current security measures and create an action plan to improve your physical security, building safety and fire prevention practices.

We offer a broad range of video surveillance solutions that can be tailored to your needs, allowing you to maintain a secure watch on all your facilities, 24/7.

Solexiom Elite Security’s access control experience and expertise ensure you get the best solution. Identifying key access points and optimizing security at each are fundamental  security program.

Accelerate Your Security Journey

Security Is Complicated. We‘re here to help.

We are comprehensive security services experts in protecting your business

We have innovation security specialists that provide services you need no matter what time it is. Your business is protected 24/7 a day.

Benefit from co-managed solutions, each site is managed to your specific needs.

We are a organization with expert knowledge of security, with industry directives and compliance requirements.

We focus on continous development across Solexiom’s organization.

Solexiom Elite Security INC.

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