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Access Control

Solexiom Elite Security provides both staffing and a full range of access control solutions to help secure your facilities and events. Identifying key access points and optimizing security at each are fundamental in creating an effective security program. Solexiom Elite Security’s access control experience and expertise ensure you get the best solution.

Optimized access control for efficiency and security

Public access points can quickly become bottlenecks, while restricted points need security protocols to ensure that only authorized personnel can access them. Whether you are looking to control people and vehicles’ access to specific areas during an event or safeguard your airport, we possess the access control expertise and the staff resources to cover all of your security needs. Our access control services include:

  • Access control to restricted areas
  • Physical search
  • Management access control systems
  • Baggage search
  • Continuous 24/7 patrol of buildings or other facilities
  • Crowd control
  • Response to security breaches, bomb threats, and all other emergencies

For cutting-edge access control, Solexiom Elite Security can also manage your biometric access control systems.

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