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Loss Prevention

If you’re a retailer, having a loss prevention plan in place is critical. At Solexiom Elite Security, we have years of experience in this area, and can create an exhaustive prevention plan to help reduce your costs, prevent loss and internal fraud, as well as improve your inventory management.

Benefit from outsourcing your loss prevention services to the professionals.

Loss prevention is a form of proactive intervention that consists of taking steps to prevent the risk of incidents that could lead to losses. Outsourcing your loss prevention needs to Solexiom Elite Security not only practically guarantees a return on investment, but greatly facilitates the task of your business managers and HR department.

We have distinguished ourselves as a leader in loss prevention not just because of our unparalleled retail experience, but also because of our innovative and comprehensive vision of what a prevention strategy entails.

From prevention audits to assess your operational processes to employee training, electronic article surveillance and integrity visits, we have you covered.

In collaboration with your senior management team, our consultants can conduct a thorough and detailed prevention audit. We identify your needs by assessing your operational processes, as well as existing safety features.

By looking for the relevant clues and asking the right questions, our highly trained loss prevention experts can identify problem areas, thereby preventing both internal and external shrinkage in your retail business.

In business, both poor behavior and practices can affect your bottom line. That’s why we supply surveillance equipment for stores and warehouses, as well as other complementary services to help avoid shrinkage and other losses.

To ensure the prevention plan you have in place is effective, we carry out various types of visits to your establishment. These integrity visits are critical both in terms of prevention and customer service.

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